Why to Mulch in the Fall

There is a lot to be said for mulching in the fall. Here are a few reasons to consider it this year.

Moisture retention: Soil will retain more moisture if the soil is covered in mulch. This is something incredibly helpful to know in the fall. Applying mulch keeps the soil from drying out partly because it prevents dew and water drawn up from the subsoil from escaping. So consider adding some mulch to your soil this year.

Weed control: Mulching post-Summer can help you keep the weeds out of your yard. If you mulch, it can almost eliminate the need for you to weed. Be sure, however, to mulch deep enough that your weeds don't come through. While this isn't necessarily going to keep you from weeding at all, it can certainly help cut down on the time spent cleaning up your yard.

Temperature regulation: In the winter, the soil has a tendency to freeze and thaw, depending on the weather. This can cause a lot of problems with the soil including root damage. While mulch can't prevent all soil temperature changes, it will definitely make the process longer and help prevent rapid changes.