At J. A. Rutter Co. we offer a variety of recycling services to our customers. 

Are you a company that gets things shipped in on pallets and don't know what to do with all of them? A landscaper or homeowner that has to trim shrubs and cut grass and needs to dispose of it afterwards? A plumber or contractor that's doing a french drain and don't know what to do with the extra dirt? If you answered yes to any of these or have something similar and can relate we can help you!  

At J. A. Rutter Co. we are here to help you with your recycling needs and in turn help the environment. We make it easy for everyone to do their part in conserving our resources in the world for the generations to come. Whether it be pallets, grass, brush or dirt that is of no use to you we take it and turn it into something that's useful again like mulch, compost, or soil. 

We offer drop off and pick up services to our customers. Meaning you can bring it to us at our facility or we can bring you one of our boxes to fill. With our boxes you have options too! You can do a one time drop off and pick up or they can be dropped, filled up, and switched out as much as you need. 


green wood waste recycling


pallet wood recycling

We offer a variety of options for helping with your pallet wood recycling. First, if you have a large volume of steady wood we have 40 cubic yard boxes that we can drop at your facility you can fill up and we can switch out when needed. Our boxes have a hinged rear door for easy loading when equipment may not be able to side load.